Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Disappearing Visitor

This is some crazy monkey feces right here! So somebody came & rung my doorbell, the first thing I do is look out the window, mind you, we're on the 2nd floor & our door is on the inside of the building so its hard for me to go to the door when I don't see a familiar car because you never know when its Jehovah's Witness. If its them,I'm shuttin' the door; I don't wanna seem rude but they're irritating! Stop trying to convert people & enjoy your own religion! Anyway, I went to the door & it was weird! He was looking for my moms & she wasn't here so I'm here trying to start a conversation because he was staring blankly at me. Its over, Go or at least you start a conversation; You rung the doorbell, not me! LOL! But after he left I ran upstairs to check and see if he was still on the block & he was gone! I freaked out because he didn't drive & it took five seconds for me to get up the stairs. I think a hawk came down and snatched him because that dude was gone. That freaked me out more than that boring ass movie "Paranormal Activity". I really won't sleep tonight......

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