Sunday, February 21, 2010

Facebook Status Alternative: Goodnite 2/21/2010

I am done with LOVE DAY so it's now time for me to turn to Fox to watch Animation Domination. Before I do that let me just say that I hope you all (nobody reads this) learned a lesson about love. Love is very very funny & beautiful; but mostly funny. lol! When I wake up in the morning hopefully I will be able to lift my arm so I can go to the gym. I'm serious! I haven't really used my arms today; I've been flicking lights on with my tongue & had to sit down just to pee, I could grab the willy but I couldn't aim. lbs! Hopefully I won't forget that I have a blog again. NITE facebook alternative.

LOVE DAY!!! Love Hurts

I laughed hard... Cupid is not a baby, & he causes more pain than Enjoy!
Love Hurts - Watch more Funny Videos

LOVE DAY!!! Frustrated Video Dater Loses It

I know its fake but its funny, like ha ha ha omg ha ha funny. I want love to but I'm not desperate. To all the people that comes on my blog (zero) Enjoy!

LOVE DAY!!! Love Coupons

I find this to be the most beautiful representation of love EVER!!! I need me some love coupons. lmao sarcasm! Enjoy!

LOVE DAY!!! Self-Love

Woah man.. This right here is so totally trippy... Like um I didn't know you could love yourself that much. lol Enjoy!

LOVE DAY!!! What Is Love pt.1

LMAO! Did y'all see how funny this video was?!... no... What are you waiting for. Press Play!

LOVE DAY!!! Texting Your Way To Love

Here we have a story of 2 cell phones that try to build a relationship through text messaging. Enjoy the vid from SuperNews!

LOVE DAY!!! Jim Carrey "Somebody To Love"

Let's get started with this classic right here from the Jim Carrey movie "The Cable Guy" IT HAS THE WORD "LOVE" IN IT RIGHT?