Monday, November 9, 2009


That is a really good question because I love video games & Anime but I also love computers. You know, just digging inside the computer, taking it apart only to see if I can put it back; I want to go in the computer technician field. But with Anime, I must see almost every one, It doesn't matter if its in English or subs.I'm currently in love with "Bleach" but unfortunately "Cartoon network" puts it on so damn late, I don't get a chance to watch it. I have no bedtime but damn! My body is 80years old, It won't allow me. As for Video games, The only reason that I don't play them a lot is because I'm unemployed at the moment but if I had dat cash, I would spend it all on games! games! & more games! I mean no clothes or food, just games. Shidddd... Imma bury my Xbox with me, Whether it be the "360" or the "2520"......So what am I, "The Ghetto Geek" or "The Ghetto Nerd"? Maybe "The Ghetto Geek Nerd". What exactly is the difference between "Nerd" & "Geek"? But theres no doubt that I am Ghetto.

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