Saturday, February 20, 2010

Facebook Status Alternative: Goodmorning 2/20/2010

Well Facebook Status Alternative, now that I've lost all of that weight, its time for me to tone & gain muscle. I've joined Ballys & I almost died on the 1st day. My damn leg cramped up on the treadmill and my arms were in a lot of pain, like serious! ... I did see the guy that played Twan on R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet though but it really wasn't shocking cuz this is Chicago... I wouldn't even be shocked if it was R. Kelly I seen. In Chicago, we all know somebody that did something with R. Kelly, like wtf, lol! ... I hope all of this training works out for me though cuz I really wanna go to the Navy & do something different; I just need help preparing for it which is something that I'm barely getting. Until next time Facebook Alternative...(I really need to find another name now since I'm using it again)

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