Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tortoise & Hare pt.1

*ding dong*
Tortoise: Who is it?
???????: Its me...Hare!
Tortoise: Just a minute!....Hunny, can you get the door?
The Mrs: I'm watching "Bad Girls Club", get it your self!
Tortoise: You lazy ass turtle!
The Mrs: Your MOTHER!!
Tortoise: At least she knows how to cook!
The Mrs: Is that why you got your stomach pumped last Christmas?!
Tortoise: Shut it! Shut it right gosh darn now!
*ding dong*
Hare: Are you coming?
Tortoise: I'm coming! Stop ringing the damn doorbell!

*6 minutes later*
Tortoise: Yeah!
Hare: Hey buddy, I just wanted to wish you good luck on our race tomorrow.
Tortoise:Thats All?...I took a six minute walk to the door just for that!
Hare: Yeah. Whats your problem?
Tortoise: My problem is, you wasting my time, & I'm living with a bitch!
Hare: Well alright....I'll see you at the race!
*door shuts*
The Mrs: You better win tomorrow!!
Tortoise: Shut Up!!....I have a plan!
The Mrs: I hope its better than the time you ate your mother's cooking!
Tortoise: Damn Turtle!