Thursday, December 17, 2009

Facebook Status Alternative: Goodnite 9/17/2009

Since I'm Deactivating my facebook account, I need some where to put my statuses so everyday I will be posting 2 stats, even though I write about 10 each day on Facebook. One will be for Good Morning & the other Goodnite...Lets get this started!!!!!....
 I'm about to lock my bedroom door, strip down to my undies & lay in the bed to watch American Ninja Warrior, wondering why I could never in a trillion years do the things they do. If I try to hop out the bed, I'm gonna end up breaking a big toe. lol. I now just realized that saying a trillion years is stupid because no one lives to a trillion...Anyway. I was watching SNL: Christmas Special until I realized that I wasn't lame. Goodnight Facebook Alternative......

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